The Miranda RSL Golf Club was formed in 1955 when several well known members of the era began having a social hit at Illawarra Golf Course when it really was a 'Goat Track'.

The club was formed and although the membership grew, there was difficulty in securing golf course bookings. The Royal Hotel at Auburn had a social golf club with plenty of bookings but lacking in players, so an amalgamation took place with the club being known as the Miranda Royals.
In the early 1960's, the parent body of the club (Miranda RSL Sub-Branch Club Ltd) took objection to this sub-club operating from the RSL building and a new official golf club was formed, creating a degree of division amongst golfers of the day from the Royals and the RSL.
Over time the two clubs mended their differences and merged under the one umbrella of the Miranda RSL Social Golf Club.
The Golf Club's esteemed Life Member, Frank Moran was responsible for the formation of the Miranda RSL Sports Council in 1960. The council plays an oversight role over the RSL Club's many sporting sub-clubs. Frank is remembered to this day by the award of the 'Frank Moran Shield' which is presented to the player with the highest aggregate stableford score over the three rounds of the annual club championships.
There have been a substantial number of golf club members who have sought and won positions as office-bearers with the RSL Club over the past forty years. We have produced four Club Presidents, namely Frank Jackson, Albert Mahony, Jack McDonald and Bob Jones. Other members who have been elected as directors on the RSL Club Board include Barry Bungard, Wally Goulden, Brian Hughes, John Rowan and Craig Shephard.
During the late 1960's and early 1970's, whilst the level of membership was strong, the committee was limited in numbers with the respected Col Jacobs acting as a one man band. In the late 1970's a more conventional committee was formed and the club went from strength to strength under the chairmanship of Ray Fenton, ably assisted by Rod Kelly as Secretary and Graham Jones as Treasurer. Ray Fenton's outstanding service to the club is remembered each year with one of the rounds designated as the 'Ray Fenton Memorial Day'.
Over the years, the club has constantly had good membership numbers. In the late 1980's we were regularly hitting off over 40 players each week and had to resort to a ballot system to give every member equal access to games. The original ideas of the club's founders was to provide RSL members with access to a variety of golf course in and around Sydney on a weekly basis. We believe that we are one of a select number of social golf clubs in Sydney that have played each and every week for over 40 years. Over the years we have been fortunate to play at many golf courses including Studley Park, Massey Park, Barnwell Park, Bardwell Valley, Kareela, Wallacia, Auburn, Kembla Grange, Hurstville, Marrickville, The Coast, Eastlakes, Kogarah, Woolooware, Boomerang and of course, our 'home course' - Royal Illawarra.
The club's relationship with Illawarra started back in 1955. We regarded it as our home course, playing between 18 and 25 games there per year. The late Ashley Johnson, proprietor of Illawarra was a great supporter of the club, supplying trophies such as golf bags and buggies for our 'Annual Day' event. We had access to our own shed at Illawarra for decades, providing us with a base for the many games played there.
The golf club continues to thrive, in part due to the fact that we offer regular games of golf at relatively low prices, but mainly because of the varied nature of the members themselves. The demographics of the membership are interesting with our youngest member in his early 20's and our oldest in the late 70's. Our practice of mixing up the groups each week ensures that there are no cliques (other than the Loftus connection and the coppers) in the club.
In February 2009, with a great deal of sadness, the members voted unanimously to sever ties with the Miranda RSL Club due to a range of issues surrounding attendance by golfers at the RSL and financial support being discontinued.  As a result, the club is now known as the Miranda Social Golf Club.  We will always cherish the history of our club.